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"Charlie no like it.”

These are my 2-year-old’s most frequently used words.

This is how Penny tries to manipulate her way out of sharing something. Yummy popsicle? Charlie no like it. Shiny, new fire truck toy? Charlie no like it. Television show that Penny doesn’t agree with? Charlie no like it.


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They go to work early. They stay late. They look after your children and spend countless hours finding ways to better educate them. They sacrifice time with their own families so they can spend time with yours.

We owe a lot to our teachers, and we should show them how much we appreciate them this week.

Tough football

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I’ve been to a lot of high school football practices.

In fact, when I was just a lad, I participated in a lot of high school football practices.

Before I write this next part, let me check and see if there are any kids on my lawn….

Ok. All clear.

Cheating at board games

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My wife and I are playing board games now.

That’s how long we’ve been social distancing.

Of course, we can’t play when the kids are awake because having two toddlers slowly sucks all the fun out of your life.


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Did I tell y’all we’re having another baby?


Well we are.

It’ll probably be another girl.

We don’t know that yet, but I know it in my heart.

We are very excited. It wasn’t that way at first.

At first, we laughed quite a bit because it was better to laugh than cry and be scared.

Let’s stay home... inside

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Have you guys seen that “state your unpopular opinions” challenge making the rounds on Facebook.

Of course you have!

There’s nothing better to do than to scroll social media for hours at a time.

Well, I’m going to give you an unpopular opinion.


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Have I ever told you guys about the time I knocked on DMX’s door?


Well, since you’re sitting at home with nothing to do, here’s a story that I hope will entertain you for a couple of minutes and take your mind off the current destruction of our world.

At home

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Those who say working from home is a good set up must not have two toddlers.

I don’t know how anyone could get anything done with the amount of food requests one 2-year-old has per hour.

Nobody is learning this quicker than my wife, who has more than 40 students to manage while two toddlers chomp at her ankles.


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Where do I start?

It seems wrong to start with sports.

Most every sport in the world, from the NBA to high school softball, is GONE.

And that’s not even the biggest story.


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