Blame Cannada


As a lover of all things Christmas, I’ve decided I want to be your guide as you sort through all of the holiday movie choices. There are good ones out there, but there are also some really, really bad ones.

Make it count

Playoffs are a funny thing.

They help us crown a champion. They help us measure the success of a team or a coach. But they are also seemingly random at times.


Y’all ok over there in Tiger Town?

I assure you, it’s safe now. Jake Bentley is back in Columbia and can’t throw any more touchdowns in Death Valley this year.

Flu game

I’ve got a fun challenge for you.

Next time you go to Dooley Field (you should go this Friday!), park your car at the BB&T behind McDonalds about two minutes before kickoff, take the short walk to Dooley, and see if you can make it inside the stadium before Dre Williams scores his first touchdown.

Thank you

I’m going to tell you guys something, but you have to promise not to tell my wife…

I keep forgetting that she is pregnant.

Seriously, we are 15 weeks away from having two kids and I spend the majority of my days oblivious to that reality.

In my defense, my wife makes forgetting that she’s pregnant super easy.

Community voting

Voting might be my new favorite thing.

Not because I’m a proud American or believe in democracy or anything like that (those things are true, however). What I’m talking about is the voting experience.

Getting too old

It’s possible I won’t be a sports fan for very much longer.

It won’t be because of protest or lack of interest. It will be because games have become unwatchable.

No, really. I can’t watch them. They come on too late!

This is Halloween

I’ve never really celebrated Halloween.

Not because I have some religious opposition to it or I’m somewhat of a curmudgeon, but because this holiday doesn’t make much sense.

We’ve come to accept that on the last day of October, we dress up in funny costumes, eat candy and celebrate fear.

Report cards

Each year, before the high school football season begins, I make predictions.

I also try to check back in on those predictions at some point and update them as necessary.

This year has played out pretty much as I expected for our area teams, with only a few exceptions.


Does it bother anyone else that Amazon can and will get anything to your doorstep in two days?

Some people don’t question this. They just think, ‘Oh what a connivence. What would we ever do without two-day shipping?’

But my thoughts are very different.

I often think….are they watching me?


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