Blame Cannada


I don’t know why, but I prefer the South Carolina brand of football to the Clemson brand of football.

It’s been this way since I moved here.

It might be because underdogs are easier to root for or that my hate for ACC teams not named North Carolina is simply that strong, but I’ve found no joy in the Tigers’ recent success.


We did it.

My wife and I have made it to the point in our child’s life where everything she does might kill her.

For the last 11 months, Shannon and I have been working with Penny to help her achieve milestones. First solid food, first word, rolling over, crawling—in each of these things, we’ve been her biggest cheerleaders.

Mother Goose

Allow me to take you on a journey… to my own personal hell.

It’s called the Mother Goose Club and there are three seasons of it on Netflix.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

When will it ever end?

I’m not cut out for summers in the south.

I can’t stand the relentless frying pan heat, the YUGE power bill and the constant sweat dripping off uncomfortable parts of my body.

I’m telling you, if it doesn’t cool off soon, I’m moving.

I suppose I’ve gotten the worst of it this summer with my car’s AC being out.


August is here, and so are my annual way-to-early high school football predictions. Try not to take anything I say in this column too seriously (like always) because I’m only operating on the knowledge I’ve gained over the summer. Actual Friday night football is an entirely different animal than 7-on-7 tournaments.

Then there were four

I think I remember how exhausted I was 10 months ago. I seem to recall a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of crying (from both my newborn and my wife), but I can’t be sure.

One piece of advice I do remember getting over and over was to “soak it all in.” People told me the early days go by fast and soon I wouldn’t remember them.

TV Baseball

People who say they love watching Major League Baseball must go to a lot of Major League Baseball games.

That’s the only explanation I can think of that makes sense.

I do not hate baseball. Far from it, actually.

Broken again

I’m going to talk to you about how the Warriors have (possibly) irreparably damaged the NBA, but first, I’m going to share one of my favorite scenes from the lovable 1993 comedy, “The Sandlot.”

To set the stage, Ham is up to bat and he’s just called his shot to left field.


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