Kaelyn's Korner

Weekly column by Kaelyn Pfenning

Fret not

Every day seems to bring another reason to worry.

Families are being torn apart from every angle. Cities are being destroyed by riots. Our government is overreaching its boundaries.

Even if we do not turn on the news or read the stories, sooner or later, we are bound to talk with someone who shares what is happening.


Most of us want to be happy.

To find happiness, we try every manner of activity; however, only one thing is needed: trust in the Lord.

We are often happy when we get our own way—at least for a time.


Since this week is Pet Appreciation Week and most everyone seems to love pets these days, I have decided to share some of my own pet stories.

Most of my growing up years, I remember having a pet or more.


As many of you, I’m sure, I remember where I was on the day terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania field.

My family lived in Vermont where I attended eighth grade at a small Christian school.


Kindness is sometimes an overlooked trait.

Yet a kind word or act can change the course of the day for any number of people.

On the radio last week, I heard the story of a college girl who bought a homeless man food, clothes and shoes.

After that, she returned her own recent purchases to pay her credit card bill.


Honesty can be hard.

But at the end of the day, it is more simple than trying to figure out how to cover up the truth.

Even if we are ashamed of our actions, taking responsibility is the best course of action.


With the 2016 Olympics coming to a close and school starting back, fans are ready to jump back into the football season.

Not everyone likes sports, but most of my family and friends follow at least one team to some degree.

The enthusiasm is fascinating.

First day of school

It’s that time of year again. As I reflect on my own first days of school, one stands out from the rest.
The summer of 2002, my family moved from Vermont to South Carolina before my freshman year of high school.

Road trips

The other day, as I drove to work, I noticed the left blinker start on the vehicle in front of me.

I slowed down.

Soon after, that vehicle pulled into the right-hand lane to pass the vehicle now in front of me.

Smiling, I said to myself, “Nice try, Dude.”

Home of the brave

Risk, by its very nature, involves danger.

History is marked by risk. Heroes are born out of risk. Countries rise and fall by the risks of their leaders.

Risks often involve standing firm in opposition to a crowd, sticking with principles regardless of the cost and staying true to core values.


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